Hibiscus Lifestyle Co. is about living a life by intentional design.

From yoga retreat experiences in exquisite destinations to handmade adornments keeping you aligned with your best life, we exist to elevate your lifestyle.

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Jewelry you can live in.

Hibiscus Adorned is our handmade jewelry line crafted from responsibly sourced, quality metals and gems. Each piece is minimal in design to feel like second skin. Created with the intention to keep you aligned, each piece is made to order in our small studio in Bend, Oregon.

We believe waste is a design flaw.

We take our footprint seriously + aim for minimal waste during production. We take extra measures to work with our suppliers to avoid plastic use + we recycle any plastic that is used. Your packages arrive to your doorstep plastic free.

At the end of the year, 1% of every purchase from the day we opened goes to The Ocean Cleanup; an organization working to rid plastic waste from our oceans.

This is jewelry you can feel good about wearing.


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Retreats to make you swoon.

Hibiscus Escapes are transformational yoga retreat experiences intentionally designed to bring you back into alignment with your life, returning you to a place of vitality + wellness. You will learn to care for your mind and body in profound new ways while connecting to deeper layers of yourself, the planet, and those which surround you.

A sense of wonder is infused into your daily retreat life to reconnect you to the magic within.

These escapes are not average yoga retreats. Each detail of your Hibiscus experience is uniquely designed in a private villa or yacht. Beautiful meals sourced from fresh local ingredients are prepared by local chefs or cooks.

Hibiscus offers yoga practice as medicine.

We begin each morning on retreat with 90 minutes of yoga and meditation with a Yoga Medicine certified instructor. This ritual of practice begins at sunrise, bringing us into alignment with our highest self, setting the tone for our magical day ahead. No previous yoga experience is required, as the practice is designed to meet each of you exactly where you are.

Experience the gifts of practice on retreat, and take home holistic tools to implement into your daily life.

The beautiful thing about making time for this practice as a part of our lifestyle, is that it makes us better at everything we do. Slowly, over time, we become that which we practice.


Hibiscus by Imani

Hibiscus Lifestyle Co. is the work of global island girl, Imani Woomera. Born in Hawai’i and raised between Maui and Kenya, she feels at home wherever the hibiscus flower grows. Passionate about living an empowered, vibrant life on her own terms, her WHY behind this platform is to support you in living a lifestyle of intentional design.




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